The Best Travel Sites and Blogs

If you ever get tired of this site (and we hope that you don’t) consider checking out the following travel blogs as listed below.  We are confident you’ll find them highly informative and entertaining.

*(We’re always looking to expand our travel blog directory list.  Go down to the bottom of this page to find out how to have your site included.)*

Adventure Vacations Blog (For those on a vacation seeking adventure and thrills)   
Art of Backpacking
 – Backpacking adventures around the world with great travel tips as well.     
Aspiring Backpacker –  For the backpacker who is planning on setting foot rtw on a trip soon.       

Backpacker Crush – Crushing on gorgeous backpackers is the name of the game with this site.
Backpacking and Earn Money – I can’t think of many sites that teach you how to earn this well.
Backpacking Around The World – Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can start planning your trip around the world today.
Bamboo Butterfly (A great travel blog featuring only the best travel narrative that is engaging, fun and humorous)
Banana Roti – No doubt, one of the best travel and food blogs out there today.  Sure to inspire.      
Beers & Beans – A travelling couple who loves to share their travels with others on the road.
Best Shopping Destinations – Top notch travel information and advice for the shopaholic.
Best Travel Advice for Britain – Advice for travel in Britain.  Your ultimate UK guide for travel.
Best Travel Blogs and Top 100 Travel Sites – This is a list for all of the best travel blogs and travel sites out there.
Breathe Dream Go – A wonderful travel site featuring engaging travel narrative with a slant on travel to India.
Budget Travel Intentions – Your best bet for top notch budget travel advice.  Totally impressive.

Cambodia Travel Site – Khmer info for the traveller keen on going to explore Cambodia & beyond.
Canucking Abroad
 – Get up and travel around Canada.  It’s an incredible country to explore today.     
Cheap Travel Promo – Cheap travel around the world.  Promo, tickets, advice and top tips.       
Creative Escape – For those looking for something different consider this comprehensive travel site.
Culture Shapers – Shape the world around you by delving into various culture.  Your guide for today.

Destination Advice For Travel in America – Your premier stop for American travel guides. 
Don’t Fly Go – The ultimate trip is often the slow overland journey.  This site focusses on such travels.

Easy Travel – If travel wasn’t easy I doubt I would do it.  This guide show you just how easy it is.
Eurail Travels – Travel by Europe is fun using any method of transportation but we prefer by train.
Europe Travel Adventure Guide
 – What a wonderful guide for travel in Europe.  This is the site for you.
Everything Everywhere – Gary Arndt runs one of the most successful travel blogs around today
Exploring Europe – Explore Europe today with one of the top notch travel blogs outo there today.     

Family Friendly Adventure – With your family friendly guide in mind check out this great resource.
Family On Bikes – A family that loves exploring the world together on their bikes as a cohesive unit.
Flip Nomad
 – Flip Nomad is your man for the best travel advice in SE Asia and other rtw destinations.

Geriatric Traveller  – A guide for the elderly with wanderlust.  Don’t let age slow you down.  Enjoy it.
Global Travel Three Sixty – Global travels for the traveller, backpacker or digital nomad.
Globetrotter Girls – These gals really show you how to travel the world as a dynamic duo.
Going Abroad – When deciding whether to go abroad more often than not it is the best decision.
Green Travel
 – Travel with an emphasis on eco-friendly types of situations.  Green travel for all people.     
Groove Traveler
 – Get out and groove.  This is the travel guide that improves things for all of us.
Guide for Backpacking and Adventure Travel – Excellent information for travel or backpacking
Guide To Exploring America – One of the most comprehensive guides for travel in America.

Happiest People Around The World – Pictures of the happiest people around the world smiling and grinning.
Heather On Her Travels – Heather shows you the best places to travel around the world with passion.
Holidays in Egypt
 – Egypt should be on your travel list of destinations.  This is the guide for you.      
Holiday Vacations – Vacations are worth having wherever you are.  Do it now and have fun.   
Honeymoon Holidays – Let’s not forget that taking a honeymoon is worth it.  Consider it for fun.       
Hot Spot Journal
 – A journal for the best travel destinations and hot spots worth exploring.

Insured For Travel – Insure yourself for life.  Insure yourself for travel success on the road.
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog – This doll is one sweet little gal.  She’ll give you rtw stories.

Johnny Vagabond – The badass travel blogging dude out on the road exploring and having fun
Just Travelous – One of the top travel blogs for travel videos and other amazing stories

Little Yayas – Few families can entertain as much as the wonderful little Yayas family blog.   
Lost Intentions
 – Don’t get lost in your intentions.  Get going and make it all happen today.
Low Cost RTW – Low Cost RTW travel information for the superior backpacker out there.
Luxury Travel Blog – A site that provides only luxurious travel information.  Travel blog.

Man vs Clock – Man vs clock will inspire.  Travel can make you live like a king on the road.      
Minimal World – Minimize travel hassles by following your heart and going around the world.
My Spanish Adventure
 – A Spanish adventure travel blog with an emphasis on rtw travel.

Nerdy Nomad – A digital nomad who embraces the techy site of travel and life overseas
New Travel Co
 – Travel co is site that shares all of the best travel news daily.     
News Traveller – Have you heard the news about all of the latest travel information out there?
Nomadic Notes – One of my favourite rtw travel blogs that covers everything one could ever want.
Nomadic Photos – Phenomenal resource featuring simply incredible travel photos worth checking out.
Nylon Flights – Luxury travel as defined by Nylon flights.  Get up in the air and experience life.

Off The Beaten Path Travel – Few paths are as fun as the off-the-beaten variety.  Check this out.
Only A Flight Away – When dreaming about your next vacation remember you’re only a flight away.
OpO Media
 – OpO media is your top choice for the best travel news out there today.  Absolutely!
Our Oyster
 – Our Oyster will cover all of your travel needs with entertaining stories and information.

Phil In The Blank – Phil’s travels take him around the world but he certainly does love Africa.
Philippine Travel Forum
 – This travel forum will cover all of your travel needs in the Philippines.
Places To Search – Searching around the globe for the perfect place to travel and/or settle.
Plane News – For travel information with a slant on flying this is the resources for you to discover.
Podrum Radovanovic – A quirky travel site that offers up everything under the sun and then some.

Seek Your Trip – Spend your vacation enjoying life with Seek Your Trip travel site.  This site is rad.
Singapore Guide Online – Your ultimate guide to travel in Singapore.  This travel site covers all the bases.
Single Travel Guide – Traveling alone should not be discouraged.  This site will motivate you to do it.
Six by Six Imagen – A travel site dedicated to providing excellent advice, tips and guides for travel.            
Start To Run
 – Don’t run without first being prepared.  This site will help you to do just that and more.       
Stranded Passengers – A stranded passenger is one who is restless.  This site will help channel your energy.

That Travel Blog – A wonderful travel blog that covers budget travel, quirky stories and travel videos.       
The Last Stop – The last top is not necessarily the end of the journey.  Found out how and why on this site.
The Loaded Handbag – When loaded this handbag is a lethal weapon in terms of valuable travel information.
The Lost Backpack – The lost backpack highlights all of our favourite travel information out there today.
The Plane Hoppers – Travel inspiration and tips
The Prague Wanderer – Czech out this phenomenal guide to Prague and more.  You’ll be back again.  Guaranteed.
The Traveller World Guide – Your top notch guide for around the world travel and more.  Excellent site.
Tips For The Travel Photographer – Top notch tips and advice for the aspiring travel photographer out there.
Top Travel Guide For Britain – Phenomenal guide for travel and tips related to exploring Britain.
Tourism Picks – Choosing tourism destinations should not be stressful.  Check out this site for top tier advice.
Travel Blog World Guide – A guide to travel blogging around the world with the best of them and loving every minute.
Travel and ESL Site – ESL site for the teaching traveller.  This site has all of the resources and more.
Travel and Tourism Guide – A travel and tourism guide that will never leave you high and dry.  Not once.          
Travel Bay – Down by the travel bay you’ll get the tasty nuggets of travel information you desire so much.        
Travel Blog – This is the travel blog that you’ll want to come back to time and again.  Most definitely.
Travel Blogger – An around the world travel blogger who focuses on culture, photography and cuisine.
TraveLinkSites – Linking to all the best travel sites is a daunting task for anyone.  This site somehow does it.
Traveling Canucks – Cam and Nicole travel around the world as backpackers that inspire others to hit the road.     
Travel Photos – Travel photos ought to inspire.  This site does not let you down in any way, shape or form.       
Travel Sex Life – Travel.  Sex.  Life.  What more could one potentially desire?  This site has it all.  Yes, indeed.              
Travel Times Mag
 – This travel times magazine has it all.  You’ll be blown away by the diverse information.
Travel Videos – If you’re looking for travel videos you’ve come to the right place.  This site has them all.          
Traveling With Kids – If you’ve got kids along with you then it is worth it to consider travelling as a family.

Under The Same Sun – When one is under the sun they have numerous opportunities to shine.  Yes, Indeed.

Vacation Lifestyle – A lifestyle that centers around vacations is certainly an ideal way to live.  Check this out.
Vegas Travel Source – When it comes to Vegas you’ll never want to leave your house without first checking here.
Videos About Travel – Videos related to around the world travel adventures at home and abroad.
Villa Dream Vacations – Dream vacations can start at your favourite villa.  Come now and come back often.        
Volunteer Leaders – Leading the world in volunteer travel information.  This site is sure to encourage others.

Will Peach – The Gonzo Traveller – Mr Peach, aka as ‘the Gonzo Traveler’ is one quirky dude with a sense of humor.
World Leading Vacations – Leading world vacations is a goal for many.  This is the best resource out there by far.

Xxiien Cuentro Latino Americano – Don’t settle for less.  This site is one of the top ones out there.  It’s phenomenal.

Y Travel Blog – Caz and Craig run one of the top travel blogs featuring great writing and destination guides for rtw travel


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